Alaska Salmon Fishing

On Alaska's Kenai Peninsula



Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide
Kenai and Kasilof River Salmon Fishing

ChasingTales Alaska Guide Service works very hard to ensure you have the best day of fishing for salmon on the Kenai River possible!

Whether you are looking to book a King Salmon fishing trip, Sockeye fishing trip, Silver Salmon fishing trip, or Pink Salmon fishing trip, our expert fishing guides are here to ensure you have an unforgettable experience!

Are you visiting Alaska for your salmon fishing trip in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? No problem! The Kenai Peninsula is host to a variety of different fish...not just salmon so that you can have an unforgettable year-round experience. Take a look at the different types of Alaska Salmon fishing trips below and call us to book your reservation!

Types of Salmon Fishing

All salmon species have different and specific sport fishing regulations on different river systems and different sections of water which vary throughout the season, as well as day of the week.

  • KING Salmon or Chinook Salmon make early and late runs into both the Kenai and Kasilof River systems. We fish for them from May 16 until July 31.

  • SOCKEYE Salmon or Red Salmon are the most populous. They make an early season run in mid to late June in the Russian and Kasilof River's then a late run starting in Late July in the Kenai River. Available June - Aug

  • SILVER Salmon or Coho Salmon run later in the season starting around early August and continuing into the Fall. With the peak run times being mid August through mid to late September.

  • PINK Salmon or Humpy Salmon will only run every even year. These fish flood the system and can make for sore arms in a hurry!


Standard rates are $300 per seat for full day charters and $200 per seat for half day charters. Early Spring and late Fall season special pricing is available. Please call for details.


We also offer an exclusive boat or private boat option for $1000 for a full day charter with up to two anglers. Each additional angler is $100. This is primarily geared towards more experienced fly fisherman who would like a little more space to better enjoy casting. Don't let this deter you though if you would like the space and are not into fly fishing we are happy to accommodate.


ChasingTales Alaska will provide all necessary terminal tackle and equipment needed to fish from either of our custom built Willie Power and custom built Willie Drift Boat.

What is not included in the price?

A valid State of Alaska sport fishing License and King Salmon stamp.

Lunch is also not included in pricing but we may be able to arrange to have one made at an additional cost please ask about this at the time of booking.