What Should We Bring?

ChasingTales will provide everything you need for the fishing aspect of the trip. The items we recommend you bring along are:
• A snack or lunch depending on how long we will be fishing
• Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat
• Camera or charged phone with camera
• Warm layered clothing, thick socks and rain gear .
• Beer and wine are also allowed on board we do not recommend hard alcohol, as it is not a good combination with boating.
Please keep in mind rain gear means rain pants waterproof footwear and jacket – preferably rainboots or rubber boots. The weather in Alaska is very unpredictable and can change very quickly, please be prepared for it all in one day. Our boats have a fair amount of dry storage for your belongings but do try and pack conservatively.

When and where will we meet?

Please follow the link below to see a list of our most commonly used meeting locations.

Do you have any accommodation recommendations?

Please follow the link below to see a list of our suggested accommodations.

What do we do with the fish after fishing?

Depending on what species we are targeting there is a good chance that you will be able to bring some fish home with you.
We will assist you by filleting all of your catch at the end of each trip. From there you have a decision on whether or not you plan on eating your catch that evening for dinner or having it processed and frozen for a later time.
The Kenai Peninsula has many options when it comes to this and we will happily point you in the direction of the most convenient processor and plan for what to do. On trips that we are looking for fish to take home, we recommend bringing a cooler that can transport fillets on ice after trip has ended.

How many fish can we keep?

All salmon species have different and specific sport fishing regulations on different river systems and different sections of water which vary throughout the season, as well as day of the week.
Alaska Department of Fish & Game lists the retention limits on their website. The limits of fish retention will also vary based on real-time special orders from ADF&G and can change throughout the season. ChasingTales is very knowledgeable in all regulations, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Should I bring my own equipment and/or rods ?

We completely understand if you prefer to use your own rod and reel. Please don't hesitate to bring it with you. The one thing we do ask is that you let us know before hand so we can make space on the boat. We do also need a little time to setup everything up for the day so it helps to plan ahead for that as well. If you do have your own waders we ask that you bring them .
Please also keep in mind we have spared no expense and will be providing you with some of the finest fishing equipment available today.

How many fisherman can each boat hold?

Our custom-built Willie powerboats and drift boats can seat up to 5 anglers. Depending on what we are fishing for and how we are fishing will determine how many clients will be on board. We do offer all of our clients an option for an exclusive charter when available. The vast majority of our charters consit of 3-4 fisherman.
An exclusive charter or private boat gives you the freedom to fish for what you want or change plans midday. It also gives you the space many fly fisherman need to fully enjoy their day on the water. In addition to this it ensures you are only with your group of friends and family.

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